Hさん(女性 40代前半 ハワイ在住・お気に入りメニュー ロミロミ&シロダーラ)


これは脳が疲れているから常に緊張しているのでは?と思い、いろいろ調べると自律神経が崩れているということにも気付きました。ネットでシロダーラが脳をリラックスさせると知り、すぐに La Spaを予約。シロダーラをしてもらったら、自然と顎の力が抜け、頭痛も無くなり、肩の力も抜けてリラックスできることがわかりました。今ではメンテナンスも兼ねて出張前後に必ず予定を入れ、2週間に1度のペースで通っています。


Ms. H (Female 40's Residing in Hawaii ・Favorite menu Lomi Lomi & Shirodahra)

I am a working mother that commutes between Hawaii and Japan monthly, and I always feel drained both mentally and physically. I often waked in the middle of the night thinking about work. Due to stress I had headaches, luck of sleep, a stiff neck and knotted shoulders that even weekly massages could not help. I told myself to take it easy and relax, but it was impossible.

I found out my tired brain led to a disrupted autonomic nervous system and an upset hormonal balance. Through google, the best relaxation massage recommended was Shirodhara, which in turn led me to La Spa. After my Shirodhara treatment, my whole body was able to relax and my headaches were gone. It was really amazing! I presently receive bi monthly Shirodhara before and after my business trip.

I highly recommended Shirodhara to anyone who need total boy relaxation!